YOGA for the Upper Back

I work as a writer and illustrator and I have a baby. Let me illustrate that for you:

Writer + Illustrator + Baby = Slouching + Computer Slouching + Leaning Over Baby = HORRIBLE posture = Chronic Back Pain.

Therefore, one of my New Year resolutions is to do yoga every night, in order to delay the day that my chin will kiss my knees (also to tuck in some of my internal organs that are casually hanging out outside my belly, in that cozy pouch that used to be my tight stomach muscles).

But of course I am completely lame at memorizing yoga posture sequences and I don’t enjoy watching yoga videos. So I took some of my favorite yoga poses and turned them into that crappy illustration. Drawing helps me memorize things 🙂

It was meant to be for personal use, so it really is bad, but I figured you might find it useful. If not, just go watch that video. It is much more clear and detailed (but not as fun).

Yoga for the upper back

Yoga for the upper back

P.S.: Yes, the fox is sleep deprived. But that doesn’t keep her from doing her yoga every-single-night! Go fox!

2 responses to “YOGA for the Upper Back

  1. Go Fox! As a writer and mama but not illustrator I think this is great to print out and hang somewhere around the computer! Very inspiring, sleep deprivation is the new black by the way…

    • that’s why I made it in the first place Mama Blues! To put it on the wall against my desk (aka dinner table aka all purpose table). I am glad you find it inspiring and you are right, dark eye bags are totally the must accessory of 2015.

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