Dutched up! Rocking the clogs expat style.

This is a book review, but I have to admit it is a quite biased one. You see, I am one of the 27 contributors in this collection of 52 stories of the expat life in the Netherlands.

I was really lucky and joined the group of expat bloggers living in the Netherlands just a few weeks before submissions for the book closed. I was able to write one piece, that is very dear to me, and I was lucky enough to read what everyone else has written before me.

I laughed hard, I teared up quite a few times, I smiled. Even if you are not an expat and have no connection to the Netherlands whatsoever, this book is worth having, as it is a great read.

Now, if you are an expat, I am sure you will enjoy it. Not only does it capture so many aspects of the expat life, but these aspects are also captured by so many different people with different backgrounds, perspectives, life philosophies. Even the collection of author bios is interesting!

And not only do you get a great book; you also get a chance to meet some really talented bloggers and discover their world, through the pieces in the book!

Despite the fact that it is written by expats, this book ended up being really Dutch, in the sense that it contains so many different cultures, opinions, mentalities, much like the Netherlands. It is also rather goedkoop 😉

What are you waiting for? Go get it and if you don’t like it, you can send me hate-mail.

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