Day of Romantic Music at Het Park, Rotterdam

Day of Romantic Music at Het Park

Day of Romantic Music at Het Park

Yesterday the weather was awful, which, frankly, did not come as a surprise to me. The Netherlands is notorious for the crazy weather changes and, let’s admit it, summer here ends around the first week of August. Today however, it was a brilliant, sunny and warm day. We decided to take advantage of that fact and go out to make some vitamin D. I knew there was a “Day of Romantic Music” event at Het Park and asked N. if he would be interested. Despite the fact that N. has one eye only these days (Loulou scratched his other eye a few weeks ago but now it got infected and he is on antibiotics) and tons of work to do, he was up for a Sunday adventure.

Just lovely.

Just lovely.

The park was full of people and there were tons of kids as well. However, it was not crazy or loud and you could enjoy the music, coming from the different pavilions. We noticed that many people were dressed as if they were part of a Jane Austen novel and could not figure out why. We just thought that everyone attending this event was super-cool. After a while, my tiny brain that these days closely resembles mashed potatoes due to sleep deprivation, figured out that people dressed up to honor the whole idea of romanticism.

I really wish that N. and me will manage to be half as cool when we reach their age.

I really wish that N. and me will manage to be half as cool when we reach their age.

Don't these ladies look as if they are part of a painting?

Don’t these ladies look as if they are part of a painting?

Days and events like this one remind me that the Netherlands can be a wonderful place with such a great potential for recreation. You can tell that people are civilized and respect the environment by the simple fact that there was no garbage to be found anywhere, despite the thousands of people having picnics all over the place. There were no parents yelling to their kids to stop running around, there were no kids shouting. Still, everyone was having a great time, enjoying themselves. But everyone also showed respect to the performers as well as the people sitting next to them.

Now, you might think that such a behavior is just a matter of common sense, but unfortunately this is not always the case in Greece, where I come from. I really wish our vibrant lifestyle, Mediterranean passion and love of life could be combined with a bit more respect for the environment and each other. It saddens me to think how much better our country would be, if we showed its natural beauty a fraction of the respect that the Dutch show to their public spaces. Especially now that we have a child, that is growing up away from our homeland, I would like her to feel proud of Greece every time we visit. I am pretty sure that, crisis or no crisis, if the people decide to improve their quality of life by improving their living environment, it can be done, even with small gestures.

I am trying to be positive though and think that Loulou Maya is very lucky to be able to experience the diversity of two different cultures, with so different strong and weak points. She might not be able to understand any of all that just yet, but she surely enjoyed her day at the park and her first concerts 🙂

the non-hip hippies at the park

the non-hip hippies at the park

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a nice week!

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