The Amazingly Odd and Oddly Amazing Ceramics of Amie Luczkowski Gibson

I have a confession to make: I am too old to have a tumblr, but I do. I use it to stalk young people, whose enthusiasm for life has not faded (yet). I am really impressed by the amazing creations that some of these young people make and upload and I am also impressed by their wonderful taste. I think when I was 14 I would still wear those yellow boots with sweatpants, as a rebellious gesture against the obligatory outfit of gym class. I also chose to have colorful elastic ties on my braces. Classy. I would be amazing bullying material for today’s youth.

Anyway, I discovered Amie via tumblr. She posts amazing pictures of art, men, women and breasts. She also posts pictures of strange-looking ceramic pots, that I found fascinating. And then I realized that she makes them! And I am lucky enough that Amie herself accepted to present her work at the non-hip hippies.

This picture and all the rest in for this post are taken from Amie’s facebook fan page:


-Amie, you study arts, right? What exactly is it that you study?

Yeah, I do. The degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, majoring in ceramics


-When did you make your first crazy-looking ceramic face? Was it part of an assignment?

Well I have always drawn things very similar to my work ceramic and then when I was about 14-15 at highschool I didn’t have the paper I wanted to draw with so I just made a little face out of clay instead and it all just kind of went from there.


-What’s with all the eyes? With a few exceptions of ceramic mugs, the rest of your creations have more than three eyes. Does that symbolize something?

Not really, I just think it looks more interesting, I don’t know why or where it comes from at all just have always done it.


That’s Dorothy.


-And what about the expression of the faces? Do they reflect your own emotions at the time of their creation? Or is it something else?

Not really. I never make my work with like a set face in mind. I just build up the little head first and then the face just kind of comes out of it with all the little lumps and bumps. It can take me hours sometimes to decide what side the face should be on sometimes


Uglies but lovelies.

-I can see your ceramics becoming really famous. Would you like to keep working with these faces for a long time or do you think they are just a phase?

I don’t know I am kind of getting sick of them, not sick of them, but it has turned into a job now, and I am also in my last year of uni so I feel like I am running out of puff.

-Can you name three artists that you really admire and why?

I am going for four because they are my four favorites

Frida Kahlo because she was a boss ass bitch and the queen of selfies

Jodee Knowles has some of the most beautiful drawing skills I have ever seen, she is just so dang good and lovely.

Alex Grey amazing painting. Love the amount of colour and extreme detail in his works.

Mati Kalerwin crazy psychedelic painting who made heaps of album covers in the 70s


-Would you like to share a few things about your blog (including its url) and the things you post there? Is it about art? About you? About body-positivity? What is it all about?

It is it is just a collection of things that tickle my fancy, drunk selfies, and me having a whine about food. It isn’t a very quality blog I don’t reckon.


-Is there an artist that you would love to collaborate with? Someone of your own generation or at least younger than 40 maybe?

I would love to, there are far too many to choose from.


-What is your definition of happiness and what do you plan to do, to achieve it?

I don’t know, just being care free I guess without a worry in the world. I want to finish uni and go traveling.

I love this one so much!


You can help Amie make her dreams come true by buying her art via her facebook page or her etsy shop. Soon enough she will be way too famous and you won’t be able to afford her art, so hurry up 🙂

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