Going Gluten-Free Made Simple

Going Gluten-Free Made Simple

Going Gluten-Free Made Simple

Hi ladies and lads!

I have been absent the last week and you might think that this e-book is what I was busy with, but this is not the case. My best friend from Greece was visiting us and I took a week off to relax and enjoy her company (more on that on another post). BUT I did write this e-book a couple of weeks ago. Much like in the case of “Going Vegan Made Simple“, I get the fame but not the copyright (aka the money). This does not mean that you should not go and download it though! I am quite proud about this short e-book.

I am not following a gluten-free diet myself, but I have read a lot about it the last two years. There seem to be many gluten-free vegans out there as well, and as restrictive as that might sound, there are many ways to keep your diet full of delicious stuff.

This e-book includes:

– What is the difference between Celiac’s, Gluten Sensitivity and Gluten Intolerance?
– Stocking your pantry with foods that you will love and that won’t make you feel sick
– Cooking substitutions for your favorite menu items
– How to eat out while on a gluten-free diet
– How to enjoy special occasions like birthdays and holidays while still eating the gluten-free foods that make you feel great
– Encouragement all along the way

Have a look and let me know what you think 🙂

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