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Going Vegan Made Simple

Going Vegan Made Simple


Hello World!

As most of you already know, I work as a writer. Most of the time I work as a ghost writer, which means that I write articles and e-books, but the client’s name shows up instead of mine. The rent needs to be payed, you know. I have to say, however, that I was quite excited when a client asked me to write an e-book on a topic that interests me and told me that my name would show up on the cover. The deal is the client owns the copy rights and I get all the fame and glory (HA-HA !).

The good news for you is that Amazon has a 5-day promotion period and you can download the e-book for FREE now and for 4 more days. Will you please – please – please do that and write a review about it? I feel that I did a good job writing this one, but I wonder if you agree with me. SHOW SOME LOVE PEOPLE!

There was a word limit, so it is a short e-book, but it really inspired me to start a series of posts on vegan and vegetarian nutrition, so the first post about it will probably be up tomorrow already. Stay tuned!

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