Field Notes From Education

Field Notes from Education

Field Notes from Education

Today I am very happy to announce to you that my best friend here in the Netherlands has launched her own blog! And it is a very unique and informative one. Marja-Ilona (aka M. in this blog) is presenting her PhD defense in May 2014, in the field of education and has a background in computer science. Her blog is anything but boring. I can assure you about it, as I have first-hand experience of what happens in her brilliant mind.

Her first two posts are already up and they are a great mix of scientific research and references and her personal view and reflection on different aspects of education. Make sure to check out her CV as well as “the Other CV” page, where her personal challenges unfold in an entertaining yet sincere way.

Go have a look. I promise you, you won’t get bored and you will learn something. And in case you forget to bookmark her somehow, a link on her blog is on the sidebar of the non-hip hippies!

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2 responses to “Field Notes From Education

  1. The one day that I decide to stay away from my laptop great things like this happen. Thank you so much A and N and the whole crew of Non-hip Hippies. Your feedback and support mean the world to me and I value them a great deal. Thank you! Filakia!

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