Our first e-book! Once upon a time there was a carrot…

Dear friends,

The non-hip hippies are proud to present you our first e-book!

Mr. Carrot is featured on the cover.

Mr. Carrot is featured on the cover.

We aspire to write a series of e-books on different subjects. This first one is an introduction on how to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet.

  • It is a great beginner guide for veggie-curious lads and gals, as it contains information on how to stock our pantry, what to eat for breakfast and dinner and what to pack with you for the lunch break at the office.
  • It is a helpful resource for people who want to introduce a few vegan meals per week into their diet for health reasons.
  • It is a nice guide for people who want to go vegan and are a bit overwhelmed on how to start  and what to cook the first weeks.
  • It is a simple and clear recipe guide for beginner cooks or even people who do cannot cook at all.
  • It is a small cook book that contains 24 original recipes and instructions on how to create your own delicious salads and sandwiches.

Here is a preview (click on the pics to zoom in):

The contents

The contents

Once of the breakfast recipes.

Once of the breakfast recipes.

The epilogue.

The epilogue.

Want to make it yours and help us?

We would love to share Mr. Carrot with you! The e-book is 43 pages and it is full of recipes and useful info. We will send you the printable pdf, if you make a 5 euros donation to The non-hip hippies. The more donations we gather, the more time I will have to write e-books about things that matter, instead of random articles for clients. I would love to be super rich and be able to write for my passions for free, but unfortunately we are not there (yet :P). Also, Amanda Palmer made me do it!

We are well aware that in these difficult times you might not be able to afford this donation. In that case, we will still share with you Mr. Carrot, but could you please spread the word about The non-hip hippies? Just like us on facebook and ask two of your friends to do the same. Then send us an e-mail (see our contact page) and we will send you the pdf  😀

We are very excited about this new e-book venture and hope to create a series that will help us grow and live a better life. If you have any suggestions on topics, please do contact us!

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