Firm Hugger: For the Ethical Shopper

Most of the times being a freelance writer means that I have to write articles about subjects so random that your head could explode. Some of my previous commissions include: 56 articles on CNC machines, 20 articles on real estate in Albuquerque, 10 articles on paintball, 20 articles on trampolines (both the paintball and trampoline ones where for Australian clients, so it seems you people are having fun there), an article on the effect of statins, a few on interracial relationships and so on. What I want to illustrate with these examples is the fact that being a freelance writer with a limited budget means that you don’t get to write about stuff that really interests you most of the time.

But, every once in a while, a job comes that is just what you dreamed of. For me, such jobs included writing about vegan food, ghost-writing a book about vegan nutrition and exercise, writing about natural healing methods. And some times I have to write about something that I thought I am not interested in and ended up changing my mind after research. The really good stuff is about 10% of my total workload, but makes it all worth it. Last week was one of those weeks that I discovered something great through my work: The Firm Hugger.

This website presents to the ethical shopper companies that respect the environment and social justice. Everyone approaches sustainability in a different way and it is amazing to see how creative some entrepreneurs are in their efforts to minimize environmental damage. Reusing, recycling, choosing organic and fair trade ingredients, offering grants to environmental organizations, using packaging to raise awareness about social and environmental issues, using production techniques that reduce the use of chemicals, using only natural dyes, protecting freshwater resources are just a few of the ways that green companies employ in order to minimize the damage that production causes to the environment.

The firm hugger website

The firm hugger website

Personally I love this website because I had no clue that there is the green option for any product we are using. For every corporation that produces their products in sweatshops there is a smaller company that values human life and dignity. Yes, some products might have higher prices than your average cheap brand retail store, but if you consider the real cost of products that pollute the environment, take advantage of people and poison us with toxic dyes, you will realize that the value of green products is actually much higher.

So go ahead, join the Firm Hugger, add the green companies you love and show your support to the ones already listed

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